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SΑ-5 Gradual Compression Submersible System

SA-5 Documents


The SΑ-5 system is foremost economic, ecological, and energy emergency solution. Each system contains two bins, commonly used by the Local Organization Organizations (OTA) for the disposal of waste, with a capacity of 1100 lt or 1,1m3, which, through the gradual compression function, can receive waste with a total initial volume of up to 10m3.

Through the gradual compression function, it can handle all types of waste; mixed, paper, glass, metal, pet-plastic, bio-waste, edible fats, electrical appliances, etc., comprising an efficient and ideal solution for the disposal, sorting, and recycling of waste.

Optional Equipment:

Full bin wireless notification

Automatic fire extinguishment

Door opening with a key (RFID)

Access control system (user recognition and access time control)

Ticketed weighing system


We have selected this system because:

It reduces the cost of collection by up to 90%

It reduces the frequency of disposal by up to 80%

It increases the capacity of bins significantly

It boosts recycling

It is not a source of pollution, as opposed to ordinary bins

It keeps the overall environment clean

Flexibility is provided in terms of the type and layout of the bins

Full sorting of recyclable items can be performed

The existing fleet of refuse collection vehicles is used, without any modifications

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