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The degree of compression in our systems amounts to a rate of up to 90%, using the already existing bins, and the same refuse collection vehicles and equipment. It is easily understood that, the need for a refuse collection vehicle to pass from our system is also delayed by 90%, and thus, if it used to pass every single day before, it will now have to pass once in ten days. Therefore, the financial result from the disposal is the reduction of the existing cost by approximately 90%.

The following graphs have resulted according to the statistical data:


In the ΒA-2 submersible system, the financial gain results from the extra capacity of the bin, which can receive up to 3,000 lt, i.e. a quantity that is almost triple of that of the classical 1,100 lt bins. Although our new bins have larger capacity than the conventional ones, they do not require any alterations in the existing fleet of refuse collection vehicles.