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The gradual compression submersible bin systems are foremost economic, ecological, and energy emergency solution. Each system contains waste compressors, and ordinary disposal bins used by the Local Government Organizations (OTA), with a capacity of 1,100 lt or 1,1 m3 each, and through compression, it can receive compressed waste with an initial volume of up to 10 m3.

Economic emergency solution, since the refuse collection vehicle passes from each spot of 1,100 lt disposal bin every day, while with the new cost-reducing system, the refuse collection vehicle with the workers pass only once in ten days. By using the existing ordinary 1,100 lt bins used by the Local Government Organization (OTA), and the same refuse collection vehicles and equipment, we have a financial gain from the disposal, since the already existing cost is reduced by approximately 90%.

Ecological emergency solution. This new system is used as a means of preventing air pollution, and therefore, climate change, as a result of reduced traffic, by 90%, of the thousands of big diesel engine refuse collection vehicles, and other vehicle traffic on the streets, moving around the disposal site on a daily basis.

Energy emergency solution. Substitution of imports of energy, vehicles, and equipment. Thousands of refuse collection vehicles, as well as other vehicles, spend tons of diesel oil and engine oils, polluting the environment, and wasting unnecessarily this energy.

Recycling solution on the spot (on the pavement). Through the gradual compression function, all types of waste can be handled; mixed, glass, metal, pet-plastic, bio-waste, edible fats, electrical appliances, etc., comprising an efficient and ideal recycling solution. In this way, the additional cost from the transport and sorting of recyclable materials is reduced.