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According to research, the advantages from the use of this system are that, waste that is usually out of the bins disappears, and as a result, the pavements are cleaner, while the disposal of waste is also easier, since it has been compressed, resulting in a high financial gain. Moreover, pollutants are reduced, due to the much lower number of collection services that are required.

All the functions of the external parts for the collection of recyclable and mixed materials are accessible to the users. The materials are accumulated in ordinary bins, through the parts that are installed on the pavement.

The novel design of this system creates a combination of aesthetics and environment protection. The height is ideal for use by the elderly, the children, and individuals with special needs.

The advantages of the gradual compression systems, compared to the ordinary waste disposal systems, are significant, as it is proved by their already wide use:  

◦  Stainless containers for land-based waste disposal

◦  Hidden ordinary submersible 1100 lt. disposal bins

◦  Hydraulic waste compression system

◦  Electrohydraulic operation

◦  The compressed capacity of each 1,100 lt bin equals to that of over eight 1,000 lt bins

◦  Disposal by a refuse collection vehicle through a service run every 7 to 12 days.

◦  Financial gain to the Local Government Organizations (O.T.A.) of over 90%

◦  Compression crusher mechanism for mixed waste, paper, glass, metal, plastic, nylon bags, etc.

◦  No connection is required to the drains

◦  Free of any odors, filth, diseases, etc.

◦  Safe all-weather operation, airtight and watertight safety mechanism against odors, snow, water, storms, etc.

◦  It ensures a high degree of safety to users and collection workers.

◦  It provides for reduced operating costs of the disposal, due to the fast and prompt loading of the bins, as a result of the gradual compression, which reduces the volume of waste.  

◦  Both cleanliness and hygiene are improved on the site where the new bin is placed, since it is closed and airtight, free of any foul odors, as well as frost that is caused by the fluctuations in the temperature.

◦  Their construction materials can endure all weather conditions, as well as rough treatment, for decades.