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Keeping abreast of the new requirements for rational waste handling, and due to the fact that several billion Euro are spent per year for waste disposal, while a large number of diesel engine refuse collection vehicle are on the streets every day, polluting and burdening the environment, we have developed a new series of products concerning waste disposal, and achieved a great financial result, the full sorting of recyclables at the source, i.e. the pavement, a great reduction in air pollutants, and the substitution of imports for the economy.

Therefore, the company’s goal, after monitoring all this situation about the environment, was to find a way to reduce the services run by refuse collection vehicles as much as possible, without changing the existing equipment used by the Local Government Organizations (OTA).

Following a study that lasted for many years, we ended up with the development of an innovative system, according to the global community standards, for waste disposal. The S-type ecological, land-based, submersible systems, with a gradual compression mechanism, can compress gradually over 10m3 of waste inside an ordinary 1,100 lt. disposal bin used by the Local Government Organizations (O.T.A.).

The gradual compression bin systems operate robotically, through sensors, which detect when waste compression should start, while their waste capacity can be increased by over ten times after the compression.