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Ordinary bins, no matter where they are placed, whether in squares, parks, detached houses, blocks of flats, factories, restaurants, or public areas, they are never in a good place, and they never have a good appearance, giving a strong foul odor, attracting insects, animals, and diseases. In many cases, we take all these things as granted, because nobody wants bins to be away from them.

The gradual compression submersible bin systems are ergonomic, aesthetic, and can be installed anywhere.

The system can handle all types of waste, such as:

• Mixed

• Paper

• Plastic - PET

• Metal

• Glass

• Electrical / Electronic Appliances

• Edible fats

• Bio-waste

Comprising an excellent solution for the reduction of the collection and handling cost of all waste for:

• Cities and towns

• Islands

• Parks

• Hospitals

• Universities

• Catering premises

• Tourist resorts

• Hotel units